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We all have that one drawer in our kitchen. It’s where we put those complimentary matchbooks, spare soy sauce packets, pencils, rubberbands, coupon books, and maybe even some old-school address books. It’s the drawer for anything that we might need but we don’t know where to put it. Often our garages become the same: just a giant junk drawer of garden tools, spare car parts, Christmas decorations, boxes that you inherited from your great aunt, and the place you park your cars. Your garage can be so much more... you just need the right organization.

Advanced Garage specializes in taking your garage from a cluttered, dusty, spider colony to a working space that kicks the pests to the curb, increases your home’s value, and enhances your life.

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How You Know If Your Garage Has Become a Junk Drawer?

  • You can’t explain what is actually in your garage
  • When you don’t know where to put something, you leave it in the garage
  • There is a dangerously large pile of items in each corner
  • The thought of organizing your garage is overwhelming
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What Could Your Garage Become?

  • Mancave
  • Fight night hangout
  • Workshop
  • Custom car shop
  • Hobby room
  • Craft room
  • Poker night spot
  • Garage band practice space
  • Camp gear storage


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Decide what you want your garage to be.

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Clean it out — if need be — remove those items that shouldn’t be there.

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Speak with an Advanced Garage cabinet expert — get a quote!

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Let us design your customized space.

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Infographic 5 items that should never be stored in your garage


Often the first step to creating a garage that you love is to eliminate those items that should never be stored in your garage and those items that you can put somewhere else. The best way to think about it is to determine what you want your garage to be for you. Do you want to use it primarily as a storage space, or is it also going to be a place where you spend time?

When you decide how you want your garage to serve you, it makes it easier to determine what items should stay and those that should go. You assign a purpose to other rooms; why not your garage, too?


No matter how you feel about your garage, with the help of Advanced Garage, we can make it better. We offer custom garage cabinet configurations as well as slatwall installation, overhead racks, and garage floors. All of these elements can work together to create a garage that truly utilizes all the space available. Often, we find that once our clients remove those items that shouldn’t be kept in a garage, it allows us to help them utilize all of the space in their garage. As a result, they are able to enjoy using their space once again!

Stop settling for stacked plastic bins, flimsy particle board cabinets, and cheap cardboard boxes — invest in your home with durable cabinets made for your needs and your garage design.

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What Set’s Our Cabinet’s Apart

  • Constructed for maximum strength
  • Sleek Euro-style can withstand the wear-and-tear of garage life
  • Easy storage of bulky items
  • Eliminates nesting places for bugs and other pests
  • Less susceptible to water damage
  • Comes with a utility center

The Details: Custom Garage Cabinet Specs

  • ¾ thermo-fused melamine with shelves made from the same material
  • Proprietary aluminum extrusions and door handles for maximum strength and style
  • Steel screws and thermo-bond glue — we never use staples
  • Frameless Euro-style (no center posts or face frames) for maximum utilization of space
  • Open doors full width
  • Concealed Euro-hinges, PVC-edge banding, full-backs
  • Hung with 4-inch steel screws
  • Horizontal nailers are attached directly to wall studs
  • Does not require legs
  • Above-floor mounting eliminates nesting places for pests and potential for water damage
  • Extension ball-bearing drawer slides
  • Butcher-block work surface
  • Utility center, under-cabinet lighting

Our Process

With our dedication to perfection, you can always count on getting a product that exceeds your expectations. One of the reasons why we are always able to deliver a quality product is due to our process.

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We learn about you, your needs, and your garage. We can provide an estimate!

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We provide a custom design. Every project we do is custom, so you can count on a design that takes your needs into consideration. During this step, we work with you to finalize design details.

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Lastly, we build it and install it in your space! One of the most satisfying moments is seeing your reaction to the finished product. If you are excited, then we are, too.

Sometimes, to make a decision, you need to see a product in person. For this reason, we offer a showroom! At our showroom, you can see the Advanced Garage difference for yourself. Visit our showroom and main office in El Dorado Hills! Have questions? Contact us!

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The possibilities for your garage are endless! Since we custom-make our cabinets and other elements, we can work with you to create a design that works with your needs perfectly. See examples of our project designs.

Illustration of garage with shelves and cabinets
Illustrate showing a variety of shelves
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Illustration of  a garage with cabinets
Illustration of a floor plan

Top Rated Custom Garage Cabinets In Sacramento



Our garage cabinets can be custom-made to any size, but our most popular sizes are eight feet high, four feet wide, and two feet deep.


To achieve precisely fitted cabinets, we use point-to-point computer-controlled routers to cut each melamine. We use blind dado corner connections, stainless steel melamine screws, and dowels.


Each shelf can handle 100 pounds evenly distributed.


We install all our custom garage cabinets with three-inch steel screws and attach them to the garage wall studs. Because of our construction techniques, they don’t need floor supports.


The way we construct each garage cabinet allows us to hang each cabinet. As a result of the suspended design, you enjoy easy access for cleaning your garage floor and eliminate the potential nesting places for pests. Our cabinet design doesn’t allow for any burrow or nesting spaces.


Images of bikes attached to a slatwall


Enjoy flexible storage solutions that work for you. HandiWall® lasts years, is made to look good through heavy use, and allows multiple organization configurations. Slatwall is the perfect organization solution for those times when you need flexibility such as during seasonal changes, as your child’s bike size grows with them, and other situations. It also allows you to fully utilize your space.

  • Cellular PVC
  • HandiWall® brand
  • Allows for flexible storage layout
  • Impervious to water
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Don’t allow water to pool within grooves
  • Compliments existing garage storage

Slatwall can be the perfect complimenting feature to your custom cabinets, providing even more organization space

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Overhead Racks

Overhead racks allow you to use all the space in your garage, by utilizing all available vertical space. Store those items you don’t need access to in bins above. This is the perfect place to store camping gear in the off-season, holiday decorations when they are adorning your home, and gardening tools and accessories.

  • Store long, bulky items
  • Hold items 45 inches from the ceiling
  • Made from industrial-grade materials
  • Have a lifetime warranty

Overhead racks can be installed above garage cabinets, above your vehicles, and other parts of your garage.

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Garage Floors

Ever imagine having floors as sexy as your custom car? Then you will love custom garage floors. However, it isn’t just about how these floors look. Custom garage floors can also allow you to keep your garage even cleaner, and it is resistant to home maintenance and auto chemicals or fluids. There are other companies in the Sacramento area that offer garage floors. However, their end product doesn’t compare. We always grind the concrete slab before we apply the floor and we never use cheap water-based epoxies. With over fifteen years of experience and over 1,000 floors installed, you can trust us to provide you a quality product that you will love for years to come.

  • Color flake system
  • Cal Cust partner
  • 12 color options
  • Hides imperfections in the concrete
  • Two clear polyurea topcoats.
  • Fluid- and chemical-resistant
  • Easily takes your floor to the next level

To make your garage the complete package, you need custom garage floors that look as good as their effectiveness.

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