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When upgrading your home, the garage may be one of the last places on your mind. Garages tend to be dusty, cobweb covered, disorganized places that serve as a place to park your car and throw holiday decorations after the season has changed. However, your garage can be so much more — and can actually enhance your lifestyle. A garage makeover can add functionality and aesthetics to this space you may have given over to spiders and other pests, and provide a decent ROI.

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Upgrading Your Garage:

  • Increase functionality

  • Enhance aesthetics

  • Expand storage opportunities

  • Allow better organization

  • Provide energy-efficiency benefits

  • Make your home work for your lifestyle

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Garages aren’t usually the star of makeover shows and aren’t the featured room of most home tours. However, that doesn’t forebay it from being given a much needed facelift. There are many benefits to investing in your garage that could provide you a significant return on investment, as well as increase your satisfaction with your living space.

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A dusty, dirty garage piled high with boxes of old Christmas decorations can not only be disorganized and disgusting, it can also be dangerous. From dangerous pests such as poisonous spiders to rodents that can carry formidable diseases, a garage, if not well-kept, can be the host to a lot of things that could hurt you and your family. Other dangers include:

  • Slipping hazards from a dirty floor
  • Precarious boxes that could fall
  • Dust and other allergens in the air
  • Hazardous materials that shouldn’t be kept in your garage
  • And others
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How Will It Increase My Garage’s Safety?

Eliminating these hazards sound well and good but, practically, how does custom garage cabinets and other garage storage solutions help increase the safety of your garage?

  • Storing items securely will prevent them falling on you or your family members

  • Garage cabinets eliminate hiding places for pests and help decrease or eradicate them

  • An organized space is an area you are more likely to maintain by cleaning — giving you an opportunity to keep your floors swept and safe

  • Intentional storage can make you more thoughtful about what you store in your garage and you may get rid of harmful materials that have no place in your garage

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A garage makeover can provide extra storage. You may be looking at your garage (or envisioning it) and wonder how you will get more storage space out of the space you already have. We can easily expand your storage space by utilizing all possible storage areas — along the walls and the ceiling of your garage. By effectively utilizing garage storage solution items you can significantly expand the storage possibilities of your garage.

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How Do I Use Garage Storage Solutions?

  • Garage cabinets can provide stable storage space (in comparison to cardboard boxes that easily topple) that can be organized so items are readily available whenever you need them. Garage cabinets utilize vertical storage along your wall.

  • Slatwall can be a safe and easy way to store items such as bikes, sporting gear, and similar items on the vertical spaces of your wall. This type of storage also provides flexibility as hooks used with slatwall can be moved around in the way that suits you.

  • Overhead racks utilize the vertical storage space of garages that have taller ceilings. These racks are the perfect place to store items that you don’t need readily available such as plastic bins of Christmas decorations, coolers, boating or camping gear, and other items.

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If you're tired of searching for the one ratchet set you have or feel like it’s always a chore to find anything in your garage, it’s time to take unnecessary headaches out of your life and install storage in your garage. By increasing your storage space and making it safer (and more enjoyable to use) you have more ways to organize the items you wish to keep in your garage.

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How Will It Increase My Garage’s Safety?

  • With your Advanced Garage garage cabinets you can enjoy a workbench area and storage for tools that you need for your car, garden, or a hobby. Cabinets also make it easy to organize your things; by putting certain types of items together you can easily find what you need and save time searching for items in boxes and other less practical means of organization.
  • Each type of garage storage solution item offers a different type of organization:
  1. Garage cabinets - more readily needed items
  2. Slatwall - those large items you wish to use often or store long-term
  3. Overhead racks - items used on occasion

How you choose to utilize your garage storage is ultimately up to you, but knowing how to use each type of storage can help you get the most out of your garage storage solutions.

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The more you invest in your home, the more likely you can increase the value and resale price of it. A garage makeover can do that well especially when you invest in garage cabinets, a custom garage floor, and other garage storage. Your house may be identical to another house, but with these improvements, it can outshine others on the market. A finished garage with high-quality storage can be a great way to get more out of your home now and when you decide to sell.

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Whether we like to admit it or not, when our neighbors have their garage door open even just for a minute, it’s easy to take a peek at what it looks like inside. If you’re checking out your neighbors garage, it is likely they are also checking out yours as well. Disheveled and disorganized boxes aren’t pleasing to look at for you or your neighbors. When you invest in improvement to your garage, it can give your home greater curb appeal and could make your neighbors a little jealous!

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Though it is practical and wise to consider how your home will fare in the resale process, ultimately, your home is for your use. Why not make it what you want? And, frankly, most improvements will make your garage even more desirable to prospective buyers anyway — win-win! However with that aside, let us consider the possibilities for your garage.

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What Kind of Possibilities Does My Garage Offer?

Your garage can offer a variety of possibilities beyond just becoming a cleaning more organized space to park your cars. It can become the room that you’ve always wanted, but did have space for in the rest of your house. For example, it could become the perfect man cave to host fightnights with the guys. Or, it could also be the perfect space to invest in your woodworking, crafting, or painting hobbies. It could even become the hangout spot for you and your neighborhood friends. A garage can be anything you want it to be.

There are more than a few reasons why your garage could use a makeover — some that are entirely practical such as increasing your space and getting rid of pests to turning your garage into a mancave. Make all spaces of your home work for you!

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There are more ways to enhance the appearance of your garage than giving it a quick sweep and restacking the pile of boxes in the corner. From installing custom garage cabinets and other garage storage systems to replacing your garage doors, there are many ways to make your garage a better space.

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Increasing your garage storage is an easy way to give this semi-outdoor/indoor space a facelift. How so? First you can get rid of cardboard boxes and other eyesores, as well as provide an orderly way to store the items in your garage. What’s more, by adding garage storage solutions such as garage cabinets you will increase the functionality of your garage and you fall more in love with this room.

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Upgrading your floor to an epoxy floor can not only improve the look of your garage but also help to keep it cleaner. Concrete floors naturally give off dust with normal wear and can make a dust-free garage nearly impossible. When you upgrade your floor you can eliminate concrete dust and make stains on your concrete floor a thing of the past.

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Enhancing your garage’s energy efficiency can also upgrade your garage and make it a more comfortable place. It may also save you money as it can decrease energy costs for your home. Invest in sealing your garage and, possibly, even adding insulation and drywall to it. By sealing any cracks and adding another protective layer, your garage can maintain comfortable temperatures which may even affect the temperatures of your home.

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Upgrading your home with better security can be as simple as upgrading any entrances with locking doors and installing locking windows, or upgrading with a security system. Most thieves will leave your place alone if they don’t see easy access — an upgrade like this can deter burglars from even considering your home. Investing in better security for your garage can also add one more layer of security to your overall home that can, at the very least, give you peace of mind.

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When you upgrade your garage doors, you can enjoy not only better functionality and increased security, but also better aesthetics. When you are planning to upgrade, consider also changing out other doors in your garage for better, more functional and secure doors. Why does a garage have to look drab? Upgrade your garage to look as great as the rest of your home.

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When you upgrade your garage, it will look better, but it will also increase its functionality. Garage storage solutions such as garage cabinets can help your garage provide the most functionality for your needs which could mean better organization, saving time, and having a better overall experience when you have to use your garage.

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Lastly, a garage makeover can allow you to customise your garage. Have you ever wished that you could get more out of your garage or simply use it for a specific purpose other than a place to park your cars or store yard tools? Now is your chance to turn it into a place that really works for you. The possibilities are truly endless. It could become a home gym, office, mancave, workshop, hobby room... or why not even the lady’s hangout spot?

Giving your garage a much needed facelift can add to the overall enjoyment of your garage and help you feel more fulfilled by your home and even in your life.

Garage Makeover



Adding garage storage systems, installing a custom garage floor, and replacing your garage doors are all worthwhile improvements. However, those are just the beginning of making your garage truly enhance your lifestyle. To make your garage your own, you can include installing a bar, car lift, or charging station, adding heating, building a workspace, and adding an entertainment system. In other words, your garage can only be the place where you park your car and store certain items, or it can be that and so much more. Your garage should enhance your lifestyle and your home.

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