Closets come in many shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make your closet easy to use and pleasing to the eye. As a manufacturer, we are able to create a system that utilizes all of your closet space efficiently. We are not limited by prefabricated components.

Kids’ closets, his and hers, reach-ins — whatever your closet style, our designers can create a system to meet your specific needs. We use only premium grade material to ensure that you get the best value and quality.

Our manufacturing features computer controlled point-to-point routers that process all wood components. These systems produce the highest quality panels to exact measurements. Additionally we have heavy duty edge banding machinery that places and trims the edge band. We do not use t-rubber or iron tape.

If your closets need help and you want top quality, at about half the price of the big closet chains, call us! You’ll be glad you did.