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Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Advanced Garage doesn’t just specialize in creating the optimal organized space within your garage, but can also apply the same expertise to your home’s closets. Whether it be your pantry or your clothes closet, we can help you create an organized space that works for your needs. We custom-build organizational setups with high-quality, all-wood components that are constructed to last and will look good doing it. Enhance and add value to your home, while improving the quality of your life with custom closets designed and installed by Advanced Garage.

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Advanced Garage Custom Closets

  • Efficient and effective storage

  • High-quality materials — all wood components

  • Designed and made for your space and needs

  • Add value to your home

  • Locally-owned and operated company


Closets come in many shapes and sizes. Our goal is to make your closet in your Sacramento home easy to use and pleasing to the eye. As a manufacturer, we are able to create a closet organization system that utilizes all of your closet space efficiently. We are not limited by prefabricated components.

No Matter the Style, We Can Create Something Effective & Efficient

Kids’ closets, his and hers, reach-ins — whatever your closet style, Advanced Garage’s designers can create a system to meet your specific needs. We use only premium grade material to ensure that you get the best value and quality.

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Exact Measurement For An Exact Fit

Our manufacturing features computer-controlled point-to-point routers that process all wood components. These systems produce the highest quality panels to exact measurements. Additionally, we have heavy-duty edgebanding machinery that places and trims the edge band. We do not use t-rubber or iron tape.

High-Quality Closet Organization

Advanced Garage offers complete integration of cabinetry, flooring, and storage accessories. We offer state-of-the-art 3D design services, so you can see what your garage or closet will look like before we even get started! With our customizable systems, you can create ANY type of space and make it efficient, comfortable, and streamline.

Image of Closet design 3d model
Image of Closet design 3d model
Image of Closet design 3d model


If your closets need help and you want top-quality closet organization, at about half the price of the big closet chains in the Sacramento area, call Advanced Garage! You’ll be glad you did.

Infographic: Closet Organizational Basics
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Declutter First, Organize Later

The first step to creating an organized closet is to declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need. Sort through your closet, and give away or sell those clothes you haven’t worn in awhile. If you haven’t worn it, you probably won’t. Same goes for your pantry. Get rid of boxes of stale and expired food. Decluttering helps you to get rid of those things you don’t need and allows you to know exactly what you have.

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Think About Efficiency

The basis for creating a custom closet is adding convenience to your life. Most of our lifestyles are fast-paced and we need a space that can help us find what we need fast. When thinking about organization, consider how to make your space work for your needs. For example, do you need fast access to bagels in the morning? Place the bagels in an easy-to-access spot. Only drink wine on the weekends? Place wine bottles on a high shelf that’s less convenient to access.

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Let It Evolve

Even for those who have been perfecting their organization style for a long time, the way you organize your space will most likely change over time. This is totally normal and can help to take the pressure off of you as you are thinking about how you would like to create a custom closet space. Let your organizational system evolve as your needs change — don’t worry, our experts will help you design a space that can accommodate you as your needs or organizational preferences change over time.

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