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When we think of remodeling our homes, we often think about making changes to our bathroom or kitchen. However, have you ever considered what upgrading your garage would do for you? Garages are one of the most underutilized spaces in our homes. Advanced Garage is on a mission to change all of that. See, if we optimized the storage and space in our garages, it could improve the storage and use of space within our homes as well.

Keep reading to learn how custom garage cabinets and storage systems could up the value of your home and give you peace of mind — get an estimate today!

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Why Install Custom Garage Storage Systems: 

  • Get the most out of your home’s storage

  • Enjoy organization customized to your needs

  • Eliminate nesting spaces for bugs and pests

  • Protect your tools, decor, sporting gear, etc.

  • Have a personalized utility center

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Custom Garage Cabinets For Folsom

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Advanced Garage offers Folsom and the Sacramento area custom garage cabinets and other products that allows you to create an organized garage that best utilizes the space you have. Often, our garages become the junk drawers of our home when they could actually serve as quite an asset. To learn more about the possibilities that Advanced Garage can provide your home, visit our website, view our gallery, come into our showroom, or contact us! We would love to help you get a garage that you will love to use and will be the envy of everyone in your Folsom neighborhood.

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Before we talk more about Advanced Garage’s custom garage cabinets, we need to answer the first basic question — what is a garage for? As we mentioned above, often our garages become our proverbial junk drawers of our homes. We all have that one drawer in the kitchen that collects all the odds and ends that we don’t know what to do with: extra screws, keychains, pens and pencils, coupon books you bought but will never use, and more. Our garages end up in the same state. They are where we put all those other items that we don’t know what to do with: that stick your son brought home from camping, Christmas decorations, old bikes, car maintenance tools and materials, camping gear, and more.

Your garage can be so much more that just a dusty, spider-infested, mess.


Your garage could be a place of organization and of cleanliness, and a room in your home that makes you happy versus one that makes you feel stressed. How can your garage become one of your favorite rooms in your home? Through the use of Advanced Garage’s custom garage cabinets. How do garage cabinets make the difference?

Header: Fully utilizing space - vertical space

Custom garage cabinets help you to fully utilize your space, especially your vertical space. It’s easy to forget about the possibilities that vertical space gives us especially when we are “vertically challenged” or feeling lazy. However, if you are feeling like you don’t have enough space, it’s time to first look up and see all the space available to be used above, and to consider garage cabinets.

A plan for everything

The space in your garage is very often underutilized because there isn’t a place for everything. If you feel like your garage is overstuffed, then it may be time to do some “spring cleaning” and throw out, give away, or sell those things that you don’t need. If you know that you aren’t over-stuffed, then it may be simply a task of finding a place for everything. When you install your custom garage cabinets, you can designate a space in a cabinet for particular tools and other items. Giving everything a place will also cut down on the time you spend looking for something. Spend more time doing what you love or marking things off the honey-do list, and less time looking for the tools you need.

Header: Better Care for your tools & Other possessions

Though mere dust usually won’t put too much wear on most tools, other factors can affect them. Knocking them on the floor when you are lugging groceries inside or banging them with other tools are a couple circumstances that can put wear on your tools depending on what they are. If they have their own place, they are less likely to get dusty — which make them annoying to use — and to get knocked about, scratched, and banged up.

Header: Pest-Free Organization

Pests such as spiders, mice, possums, and others can be major deterrents to using your garage and even being in the garage. Being exposed to fecal dust and other pest byproducts can cause your allergies to flare up and these substances can be quite dangerous to your health. Also, spider bites are never fun and can also inflict quite a bit of discomfort and harm. It’s time to reclaim your garage! You own the home. You pay the mortgage, not those four, six, and eight-legged pests.

Instead of contending with rodents, spiders, and bugs, install our custom garage cabinets! They are installed in such a way that they don’t allow cracks and crevices for pests to nest and hide in. As long as you keep your cabinets clean and closed, say goodbye to unwanted visitors.

Call to action: a peaceful workspace

Whether you have a man cave in the basement or the garage is your man cave, you deserve a garage storage system and workplace that elicits feelings of peace instead of frustration. No matter who you are, no place in your home should be stressful to be in and the same goes for your garage. When you install our custom garage cabinets and utilize our other organizational tools you can have a space that you are in control of and works for you instead of you working for it.

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Ready For An upgrade


Our garages can become jam-packed with anything and everything that we can think of because you can store almost anything in your garage — it’s your garage! However, there are certain items that should never be in your garage. Before we get into what shouldn’t be in your garage, let us talk about some types of items you can store in your garage:

  • Tools
  • Gardening supplies
  • Recreational items
  • Camping gear
  • Decorations
  • Home maintenance supplies
  • Auto tools
  • Power tools
  • And more

Depending on what your interests are and your other storage options, your garage can have anything in it. However, there are a few types of items that should never be in your garage.


It’s easy for miscellaneous items to end up in the garages of our Folsom homes, because — not to beat a dead horse — the garage is, in many cases, our home’s junk drawer. Even though you can put whatever you want in your garage, there are some items that should never live in your garage.

Image of a refrigerator with a line through it


This may seem shocking because many have had a freezer or extra fridge in their garage at one time or another, but as your garage professionals we strongly recommend finding another place for your beer fridge. Why? Because of the extreme temperatures that occur in your garage, your fridge has to work harder to keep your food or beer cool. Running longer and harder means a higher energy bill for you and possibly a fridge that needs replacement sooner than later, cutting even deeper into your pocket book.

Icon of  a paint bucket with a line through it


The garage probably seems like the perfect place to store old paint from various painting projects throughout the years because that’s where you might keep all your other maintenance items. However, you shouldn’t. Why? The heat. The heat of your garage will ruin paint. Store your paint in a cool place like your basement or an indoor utility room like your laundry room.

Image of a propane tank with a line through it


The thought of storing propane in the garage is well intentioned, but think about the implications of storing a flammable gas in your garage — bad things could happen! A spark or damage to the tank could cause the tank to ignite and cause extreme damage to your home and greatly endanger your family. You shouldn’t store any flammable liquid in your garage. Find a place outside in a safe place for your gas cans, propane tanks, and other flammables.

Image of a paper with a line through it


After talking about gasoline and propane, you may be wondering what the big deal is about storing paper goods in your garage — what’s so dangerous about a napkin? However, paper goods can bring pests because essentially your paper items are the perfect building materials for their nests. Don’t give mice and other pests the idea, keep your paper goods in a storage space in your kitchen, utility room, or store them in your garage, but in an airtight, heavy-duty container.

Icon of a big with a line through it


Pet food can also be the harbinger of unwanted house guests. Pet’s aren’t the only ones who enjoy pet food. Pests such as mice, possums, and other rodents love pet food and finding a large 40 pound bag of dog food would be the ultimate feast for these scavengers. Store your pet’s food indoors or in a heavy-duty airtight container.


Create a Space That Is Yours With Custom Garage Cabinets

Investing in your garage probably seems like a new idea. For most, their garages serve only a few purposes — protect their cars from the elements, and store yard tools and some items that you might not know where else to put them. However, an organized garage could change the way you organize the rest of your home. When you take items that shouldn’t be stored in your garage out, utilize all available space (there is a lot of wasted space in garages), and give everything a place, you may find that you have more storage space in your Folsom home than you thought.

Custom Storage Systems to Change Your Way of Life

Advanced Garage offers custom cabinets built and configured just to your needs. Additionally, we also provide other garage storage system elements such as slatwall and overhead racks. With these improved storage options, you may find that you have more time on your hands as you spend less time looking for items you need; you can spend more time with the kids, investing in your hobbies, and relaxing.

Infographic: Advanced garage Products & Services

Built to Last & Look Good Doing It

Our cabinets don’t just better utilize your space, but also will last in a utility environment and will look good while they endure regular use. We utilize high-quality materials as well as precise construction techniques to provide you an end product that holds up to your expectations. We design our cabinets using the frameless Euro-style construction and install them in such a way that eliminates many pest-nesting areas that other cabinet and installation styles can promote.

Image of a garage schematic
Image a garage with a safe


You can definitely start looking into how custom garage cabinets can benefit your Folsom home right away. However, there are some things you need to do before we begin installing your customized organizational system.

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Clean It Out!

First thing you will have to do before we install your cabinets is to clean it out. If you aren’t the norm and have an organized garage, you will still have to remove what you have in the garage. Most people reading this, however, probably have a garage that could use a little help — why else would you be looking into custom garage cabinets? Take stock of what you have in your garage, decide what you can part with, where you can store the other items, and lastly what you actually want to keep in your garage.

Image of the number two

Decide What You Want in Your Garage

Before you decide on your layout, you may want to think about what you actually want to keep in your garage. Though our custom garage cabinet systems can create more space in your garage and allow you more space, and thus the opportunity to store more, we suggest that you think about the primary function of your garage. Do you want it for storing home maintenance items? Do you want it to be your man cave? What’s most important to you to have stored in your garage?

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Contact the Professionals

It’s easy for some to think they have to have it all figured out before they talk to the professionals. However, that isn’t the case. The custom garage experts at Advanced Garage are here to help you create a garage that you want and will enjoy using for years to come. Contact us, request an estimate, or visit our showroom to learn more!



Want to learn more about garage organization, how our custom garage cabinets work and more? Read the Advanced Garage blog! We post regularly with interesting and helpful tips and information and we can keep you up-to-date on new offerings from Advanced Garage! Read recent blog posts below or check out our archive for more.


To see the possibilities as well as some insight into how we build our cabinets, check out the design examples below. To truly see the possibilities, visit our showroom!

Illustration of garage with shelves and cabinets
Illustrate showing a variety of shelves
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Illustration of  a garage with cabinets
Illustration of a floor plan


Have you ever wished your home had more storage space or it had a room that you could dedicate to your hobbies or projects? When you upgrade your garage, you can create a space you love to use and spend more time in.

Get an estimate to learn about the possibilities for your home and visit our showroom to see our cabinets in person. We would love to talk with you and answer your questions.


Many of our clients have decided to turn their garage into a room that they’ve always wanted such as:

  • A woodworking shop
  • Auto garage
  • Man cave
  • Hobby space
  • Art studio
  • Storage space
  • Sports center
  • Home gym


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