We all are familiar with the stereotypical dusty garage in complete disarray. It’s a place that is usually cluttered, maybe dusty, and an organizational nightmare. Whether it is a place where you store holiday decorations, your tools, or it’s the place where you keep all those odds and ends you don’t know what to do with, you most likely aren’t satisfied with its organization. Maybe your garage isn’t as cluttered as the typical Elk Grove or even Sacramento area garage, but if you aren’t using custom cabinets and other garage organizational tools, you aren’t getting the most out of your garage space.     

Your garage doesn’t have to be a dusty, spider-filled mess — Advanced Garage can help!

What Are the Benefits of Custom Garage Cabinets?

It’s easy to think that the way your garage has always been is just fine because, why fix what isn’t broken? However, is it really working for you? Do you often find yourself scratching your head, wondering just where that one socket wrench got to, or frustrated that you can’t find that one box of Christmas decorations that has your favorite ornaments in it? Or, maybe you know exactly where everything is, but you feel like you are constantly battling the insect and rodent pests that seem to call your space home. Whatever the issues that you face, custom garage cabinets are the solution to the issues that you face – or didn’t even know you had – and here’s why.

Fully Utilized Space

The garage is probably the most underutilized space in your entire Elk Grove home. Garages provide a lot of vertical space; if you don’t have custom cabinets, slatwall, or some type of shelving, you are wasting that space. Utilizing your space in the best way possible isn’t just about putting things “some place.” It’s about putting them in the right place. Custom garage cabinets can not only give you more space, but also allow you to have a more efficient garage. For example, do you find with your current space that you have to walk halfway across the garage whenever you need a specific tool to work on the car? Instead of having to get off the floor, retrieve your needed tool, and sit back down, what if your tools were organized in an orderly way right by the space where you usually park or work on your car?

A Place For Everything

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that is essentially your junk drawer? If you do, you know it’s the drawer for all those things that you have to keep, but don’t have a place for. Your garage essentially becomes a junk drawer, but on a much bigger scale. When you install custom garage cabinets, you not only have to think about where everything goes – which allows you to find a place for each item in your garage – but you also get to decide whether you really need said item.

Protection for Your Items

Though our tools and other items will naturally depreciate over time, we can do our part to keep them from wearing down quite as fast. When your tools, decorations, or other items are allowed to sit out, they are more likely to become dusty, gather cobwebs, get accidently knocked over, or possibly even broken. Garage cabinets can provide protection from the elements and accidents, so that whatever you decide to keep out in the garage stays looking nice and functioning at its best for years to come.