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Our garages can often be some of the dirtiest, messiest, stressful places in our home. They don’t have to be, and Advanced Garage can help you take the stress out of your garage. It starts with designing, configuring, and installing completely custom, durable melamine cabinets. Our cabinets stand the test-of-time and the use-and-abuse of being in a garage. Invest in your home, save time, and kick pests outside where they belong with Advanced Garage custom cabinets.

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Custom Garage Cabinets for Elk Grove

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Why Install Garage Cabinets?

  • Easily organize your garage — and keep it that way
  • Have the custom organization that you need
  • Protect your items from dust, dirt, and pests
  • Get rid of insect pests, and critters
  • Built a permanent utility center for your needs


When we think of garages, most of us think of a place that was dusty, had spiders leering at us from the corners, and may have been stacked with boxes of last year’s Christmas decorations, old paint cans, and Dad’s tools. Garages haven’t always been the most organized spaces or the cleanest. However, Advanced Garage is helping homeowners in the Elk Grove area change all that with custom garage cabinets and garage storage systems.

Why Should We Clean Up Our Garages?

If your garage has always been dusty and spider-filled with a precarious stacking organization system and this seems to work, why change it? Why invest in bettering this space?

  • Not only can dust, pests, and filth put our health at risk but these can damage our tools, equipment, and other items stored in the garage.
  • With better organization, you can save time searching for the things you need. Get projects done faster.
  • With more time on your hands, you can spend more time doing what you love -- more time with the family, doing hobbies, or enjoying hard-earned relaxation.

Built-to-Last Organization

Illustration of garage with cabinets

We advise that our clients start with configuring their cabinets. However, many of our clients find that utilizing all means of garage organization works best. In addition to installing cabinets, we can install overhead racks, slatwall, and a custom garage floor. We find that these compliment each other and utilize all available space.

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There are a lot of ways that you could choose to organize your garage — some more efficient than others. So, why choose Advanced Garage? First, we only choose products and construction materials that will withstand the use-and-abuse of being in a utility space. Additionally, we use those materials in designs that are engineered to not only fit your space but to deter pests and function flawlessly.

Illustration of garage with shelves and cabinets

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Engineered With Attention to Detail

We don’t just use the best materials but we also design and construct our cabinets with attention to detail, utilizing all the benefits of the materials that we use in our cabinet’s construction. As we construct your cabinets, we think about how they can best fit and function within your space for the purpose that you wish for them to serve.

Design Examples

Illustration of garage with shelves and cabinets
Illustrate showing a variety of shelves
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Schematic of cabinets and drawers
Illustration of  a garage with cabinets
Illustration of a floor plan


A garage doesn’t just have to be the place where you keep your vehicles, yard tools, and decorations. It can provide you so much more! And custom garage cabinets can be the first way to accomplish that, helping you get even more out of your garage. Your garage can become everything from an art studio to a man cave, to the place you and your buddies gather to watch the big fight. The options for what you can do with your space is endless:

  • A woodworking shop
  • Auto garage
  • Man cave
  • Hobby space
  • Art studio
  • Storage space
  • Sports center
  • Home gym
  • And more
Image of garage with four a wheeler

We all are familiar with the stereotypical dusty garage in complete disarray. It’s a place that is usually cluttered, maybe dusty, and an organizational nightmare. Whether it is a place where you store holiday decorations, your tools, or it’s the place where you keep all those odds and ends you don’t know what to do with, you most likely aren’t satisfied with its organization. Maybe your garage isn’t as cluttered as the typical Elk Grove or even Sacramento area garage, but if you aren’t using custom cabinets and other garage organizational tools, you aren’t getting the most out of your garage space.

Your garage doesn’t have to be a dusty, spider-filled mess — Advanced Garage can help!


It’s easy to think that the way your garage has always been is just fine because, why fix what isn’t broken? However, is it really working for you? Do you often find yourself scratching your head, wondering just where that one socket wrench got to, or frustrated that you can’t find that one box of Christmas decorations that has your favorite ornaments in it? Or, maybe you know exactly where everything is, but you feel like you are constantly battling the insect and rodent pests that seem to call your space home. Whatever the issues that you face, custom garage cabinets are the solution to the issues that you face – or didn’t even know you had – and here’s why.

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Fully Utilized Space

The garage is probably the most underutilized space in your entire Elk Grove home. Garages provide a lot of vertical space; if you don’t have custom cabinets, slatwall, or some type of shelving, you are wasting that space. Utilizing your space in the best way possible isn’t just about putting things “some place.” It’s about putting them in the right place. Custom garage cabinets can not only give you more space, but also allow you to have a more efficient garage. For example, do you find with your current space that you have to walk halfway across the garage whenever you need a specific tool to work on the car? Instead of having to get off the floor, retrieve your needed tool, and sit back down, what if your tools were organized in an orderly way right by the space where you usually park or work on your car?

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A Place For Everything

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that is essentially your junk drawer? If you do, you know it’s the drawer for all those things that you have to keep, but don’t have a place for. Your garage essentially becomes a junk drawer, but on a much bigger scale. When you install custom garage cabinets, you not only have to think about where everything goes – which allows you to find a place for each item in your garage – but you also get to decide whether you really need said item.

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Protection for Your Items

Though our tools and other items will naturally depreciate over time, we can do our part to keep them from wearing down quite as fast. When your tools, decorations, or other items are allowed to sit out, they are more likely to become dusty, gather cobwebs, get accidently knocked over, or possibly even broken. Garage cabinets can provide protection from the elements and accidents, so that whatever you decide to keep out in the garage stays looking nice and functioning at its best for years to come.

Ready To Get Organized

Black cabinets

Pest-Free Organization

No one likes picking up a tool or opening a box of decorations and finding an eight-legged or six-legged pest, and it’s a health hazard to allow mice and other varmints to nest in your garage. Garage cabinets can not only keep mice and other pests away from your tools, but they will also provide fewer spaces for them to hide. We can’t speak for our competitors, but Advanced Garage garage cabinets are installed in such a way that doesn’t allow any space in or around the cabinet for pests to nest. Also, our installation methods make it easier for you to sweep and vacuum every corner of your garage. Kick free-loading pests to the curb when you install custom garage cabinets.

A Peaceful, Pleasing Space

Clutter can not only create tension in our lives when we can’t find something, but these feelings can also affect us on a subconscious level. Do you subconsciously become tense or stressed when you are in your garage? If you do, it may be due to the dusty clutter that surrounds you every time you go out into your garage. By installing garage cabinets you will be organizing your space which will give you calmness of mind. Also, if you choose to install our custom garage cabinets, you will be installing ones that will also look good for years to come due to the durable materials we use to construct each cabinet and our installation methods. Want to increase your home’s resale value with an upgrade that you will enjoy as well? Install custom garage cabinets.

Whether your garage is your man cave for tinkering with gadgets, it's the place where you work on your custom cars, or the place where you store your golf clubs and other hobby items, your garage space can be utilized to fit your lifestyle.

Want to know what our custom cabinets look like and the organizational systems that we can provide? Check our the Advanced Garage’s gallery and our project designs. Have questions? Contact us! You can also visit our showroom to see our custom garage cabinets yourself. Ready to get started? Request an estimate!

Items You Shouldn’t Store in Your Garage

When you feel like you are drowning in “stuff” and not sure how you are ever going to find a place for everything, there’s a chance that maybe everything that you have in your garage shouldn’t actually be stored there.

Icon of  a paint bucket with a line through it


Unless your garage is climate controlled, it is best to store cans of paint somewhere else. The extreme temperatures that often occur in your garage can ruin a good can of paint. Consider storing your paint in an indoor utility space.

Image of a propane tank with a line through it


Propane should never be stored indoors. Sparks can ignite the fumes and, as a result, cause extreme damage to your home. Similar flammable liquids such as cans of gasoline should also never be kept in your garage.

Image of a paper with a line through it


If you store your paper goods in a plastic tub then it is fine to store them in your garage. However, storing them in their packaging and definitely if they aren’t in their packaging can make your garage an inviting space for cockroaches, bugs, and mice. Store paper goods such as paper plates and cups in your pantry space.

Image of a refrigerator with a line through it


We know a lot of people who keep a refrigerator or freezer in their garage and we completely understand why they do, but if your energy bill keeps rising, then you might have a problem. Because the heat of your garage can reach extreme temperatures and thus cause your refrigerator to work extra hard, you may be paying more for your energy bill and shorting the life of your fridge. Consider storing your extra fridge in your basement or another more temperate place.

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Pet food stored in your garage can be an unintended invitation to rodents and other pests to make their home in your garage. Thought the garage can seem like the best place to store an extra large bag, consider storing it inside or if you must store it in your garage then place it in a plastic container that you can tightly seal.

Often the first to step to creating great organization within your garage is knowing what you should keep in your garage and what you should either get rid of or store somewhere else.

Wondering Where To Start?

Other Custom Garage Storage Options

Custom garage storage options are just one of the organizational tools that you can use to turn your garage into an orderly space. We at Advanced Garage offer a few ways to get your tools, golf clubs, and other items off the floor and put in their place. We also offer slatwall, garage flooring, and overhead racks. Used together or separately, these items can provide the solutions for your garage. The garage isn’t the only space that can become disorganized and will be missed organizational opportunities. Our closets can, too! Our custom cabinets and other products can also be installed in your closet as well. Learn more about the solutions that we offer for your closets.

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Slatwall has been designed to provide you options and to compliment your other garage storage solutions. Slatwall is one of the easiest garage storage methods to utilize because of the flexibility it provides and how easy it is to clean: simply use a hose and spray it down with water. Also, if your slatwall becomes scratched, the scratch will be less noticeable because the material is throughout the product. Advanced Garage uses HandiWall® slatwall for these reasons.

HandiWall® Product Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA of blended Cellular PVC material that is tested and listed with United Laboratories.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Water and moisture resistant, easy to clean.
  • Smooth satin finish gives high-end aesthetic appeal.
  • Somewhat scratch resistant with normal use, surface scratches can be easily repaired and are less noticeable because the material color is throughout product.
  • Available in 8 and 4 foot lengths; custom lengths available.
  • 4 panels per carton in 8′ lengths, 8 panels per carton in 4′ lengths, and 32 feet per carton.
  • 4 pieces per box – 12’’ x 96’’
  • Compatible with standard slatwall accessories.
  • HandiWall® is available in 5 colors white, taupe, gray, maple wood grain and black.
  • Color-coordinated installation screws and trim available.

Hang bikes, rakes, or anything else you need out of the way and off the floor and have the flexibility to change up your organization when you use slatwall.

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Garage Floors

Caring for or upgrading your garage floor isn’t probably something that you think about or believe should be a priority, but there is nothing that finishes off a custom garage like a floor coating. We use a color flake system that allows you to choose a floor color that will fit what you want and will look good for years to come. Also, our color flake system flooring can hide any imperfections in your concrete. We have been providing homeowners in Elk Grove and the Sacramento area in partnership with Cal Cust Coatings custom garage floor coating for over 10 years.

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Overhead Racks

Overhead racks provide even more space and opportunity to use your vertical space well. Store anything from unused coolers and plastic tubs of decorations, to camping gear and anything else that you need to get out of your way. The overhead racks that we use are heavy-duty powder-coated steel and come in a variety of colors and sizes. When you install our overhead racks you can expect quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Overhead Rack Features:

  • Up to 8′ wide opening for storing long bulky items.
  • Drop down to 45″ from your ceiling.
  • Up to 112 cubic feet of storage in a single 4×8 unit.
  • Heavy duty industrial construction.
  • 14 ga. powder coated steel frame with galvanized deck.
  • 8 sizes and 2 height adjustment ranges.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Professional installation.

Get everything off the floor and even declutter your home with storage space that is easy to use and utilize space that you already have.

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Wondering how you get these various storage solutions to fit together and, more specifically, how they can work for your garage and your storage needs? Contact us for an estimate! We would love to brainstorm with you and to use our over 10 years of experience designing custom garage cabinets and storage solutions to create the garage of your dreams.


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