Our garages are the most underutilized storage spaces. Most people in El Dorado Hills and the Sacramento area probably hope for the best when they shove one more thing in their garage, and they probably expect the garage to be a dusty, dirty place. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Your garage, whether you use it as a workshop for auto repair, a space to store your golf clubs, or a place to get holiday decorations out of sight, your garage can be so much more. It can be customized to your needs, it doesn’t have to be spider-filled and you don’t have to share your space with rodents and other pests. Your garage can be organized. It can be clean, and it starts with Advanced Garage garage cabinets.

Why Do I Need Custom Garage Cabinets?

If you’ve never had a garage with cabinets, it may seem like an extra expense that may be a bit superfluous. However, the benefits far outweigh the cost and you may find yourself to be the talk of your El Dorado Hills neighborhood. Custom garage cabinets provide many benefits including:

Better Utilization of Space

It’s easy just to throw something in the garage and plan to put it where it needs to be later. However, with this method of “organization,” it’s easy to lose things, and if you have to sift through a pile of things or even a neatly stacked, but tall pile of boxes, you may opt to just buy something new to replace whatever is buried. With custom garage cabinets, you not only make better use of your space, allowing you and your family to store more items in your garage, but you can store your items more effectively, saving you time searching for what you’re looking for.

A Space For Everything

As we mentioned in the above paragraph, it’s easy just to throw things down on a makeshift workbench and think about finding a place for it later. When you install garage cabinets and other garage storage system elements, you are finding a place for everything, and not just a place for it, but the best place for it. It makes more sense to have your car repair and maintenance tools near your car and your golf bag stored father away. To put it bluntly, garage cabinets help you not only find a place for your garage items, but also the most convenient place.

Protection for Your Items

Dust, pet dander, road debris, and other dirt can often build up in your garage depending on what you use your place for. This build-up can become difficult to clean up if it isn’t addressed regularly, and can wreak havoc on your allergies and respiratory system. Putting your tools, golf clubs, the Christmas decorations, and other items in their own spot in a garage cabinet or maybe even on overhead racks not only protects them from dust and other debris, making dusting and cleaning your garage a lot easier, but your items are protected from chemicals, general wear and tear, and other elements in your garage.

Cleanliness & Pest-Free Space

As we mentioned above, when you invest in custom garage cabinets, keeping your garage clean becomes a lot easier. Instead of having to clean each and every item in your garage, all you need to clean is your cabinets and exposed work areas. Also, the way that we install our cabinets makes cleaning easier and keeps your cabinets pest-free. We hang our cabinets using 4-inch screws and horizontal nailers, making floor supports legs unnecessary; this open space under your cabinets allows sweeping and cleaning the floor under your cabinets to become effortless. Also, this installation method keeps your cabinets sealed so pests can not infiltrate your cabinets and your garage.

Aesthetically Pleasing Garage

Custom cabinets make your garage look really nice. Say goodbye to clutter, stacks of broken-down cardboard boxes, and chaos. With each custom garage storage system we work with you and install a workbench or a utility center that fits your needs. Our cabinets look nice and are made to endure the use and abuse that they will most likely receive when they are in use. We make our cabinets out of the strongest materials in the industry, outperforming our competitors for durability and accurate fit.

An organized, clean garage makes for a more peaceful place to work area and, perhaps, a place to more fully enjoy a little time alone working on the car, fixing tools, and whatever else you like to do in your garage.

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