Our garages are often the place where those things that we don’t know what to do with end up. Or, sometimes, we know exactly what needs to go in our garages, but have no idea how to organize all the things that we have crammed into that space. For these reasons, Advanced Garage offers those in the Sacramento area garage storage systems and solutions. We understand how easy it is to not fully utilize our garages. Read our blog to learn more about organizing your garage and be sure to check out our custom garage cabinets on our website!

  1. What Makes the Best Garage Cabinets?

    Welcome back to the Advanced Garage blog! Your place to learn everything you need to know about garage cabinets, garage storage systems, and garage organization. Making your garage a usable space can feel difficult, especially if you don’t know the possibilities for your space. Your garage can feel like just the place you park your car or a storage space housing towers of boxes and spiders. Howe…Read More

  2. Home Upgrades That Pay Off

    Whether you’ve been in your Sacramento home for awhile or you just moved in, it pays off to upgrade your home. However, how you choose to upgrade your home, can make all the difference — meaning there are some upgrades that pay off more than others. Today, we are going to discuss a few upgrades that you should be considering to create a space that you will love.  Keep reading to learn more. H…Read More

  3. The Custom Organization You’ve Been Looking For

    Our society thrives on being individuals and caters to our need to have things our way: our phones are called iPhones with multiple customization options; we frequent restaurants that allow us to build our burrito the way we want it, and many of us can dress the way we want — even at work. If we can personalize every other area of our lives, why can’t we enjoy customized organization in our ho…Read More

  4. 6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Garage

    It’s finally that time of year, when the weather in Sacramento is starting to warm up and we are getting antsy to clean out our homes — getting rid of the old, cleaning out the cobwebs, and letting the fresh air in. In many ways, our garages can often gather all the things that we don’t know what to do with. Whether or not your garage is a disaster and it needs an overhaul or it simply needs…Read More

  5. New Year, New Closet – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Advanced Garage blog! In our last blog post, we began talking about how to organize and clean out our closets. We all probably have one closet that is crammed full of things you don’t know what to do with. Or, perhaps it’s your own clothing closet that works well enough for you to find what you need, but really is one hanger away from total collapse. If you are struggling w…Read More

  6. New Year, New Closet

    We all have that one space in our house that we don’t know what to do with. It is crammed full, unorganized, possibly filled with things you don’t even remember you had. For some this is their garage. Others, it’s their kitchen cabinets, and for some it is their closet. Their closet has become a mess of clothes, keepsakes, and maybe even old laptops. You don’t have to live like this and no…Read More

  7. 4 Common Closet Problems & What You Need to Fix Them

    Today on the Advanced Garage blog, we are going to take a break from talking about garages and instead discuss another space that can often cause us to pull our hair out in frustration: our closets. As you’ve been considering your New Year’s resolution, you may have thought about organizing your closet and finally making use of all the space you have. Now is the time to consider improving your…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons to Make Garage Organization A New Years Resolution

    With the new year in sight, it’s that time of year to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. What are you wanting to do better with the coming year? Why do you want to do it better? Is it to lose weight, save time, save money, or make you happier? Depending on the changes you need to make, getting those results could happen a few different ways. However, there is one solution that co…Read More

  9. Got the Holiday Decoration Blues?

    What puts you in a bad mood during the holidays? Is it the crowded malls and slew of bad drivers that seem to clog up the Sacramento area highways? Or is it the looming horror that your mother-in-law will be crossing the threshold of your home? No matter what is getting under your skin, it is beneficial to notice what annoying aspects of the holiday season you can control and those that you have t…Read More

  10. Who’s In Your Garage?

    In our last blog post, we had a bit of fun and talked about some of the most haunted places in Sacramento. We joked that a ghost may be responsible for a disorganized garage and not being able to find a particular item. If you have a ghost in your garage, they might not be the only resident who is squatting on your property. Pests may also be calling your garage home — and if they aren’t payin…Read More