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Why Choose Our Custom Garage Cabinets?

Welcome back to the Advanced Garage blog! We are just getting started with our blog and are very excited to talk more about our services and other topics that can help you create a garage that you love to use. We offer a lot of services to our clients in the Sacramento area that can be installed together or separately to turn the most underutilized room in your home to one of the most efficient. Today, we are going to highlight our garage cabinets and why you should choose us for garage cabinet design and installation.

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We understand that it is tempting to go to your local supermarket and simply buy storage racks or plastic bins to store your tools, old holiday decorations, or all those home improvement odds and ends that you don’t know what to do with. However, if you send any time in your garage or simply want to have the most efficient storage system that will provide multiple benefits, you should invest in custom garage cabinets by Advanced Garage. Here’s why.

Keep the Pests at Bay

The garage is a place that can be susceptible to pests. Whether it be spiders who like to call a corner of your garage home or a mouse that decided to build its family’s home between forgotten boxes, there can be many creatures hanging out in your garage. When you install custom garage cabinets, you can kick these free-loading creatures out to have a clean work and storage space. Advanced Garage cabinets are installed and designed in such a way that they leave no spaces for pests to nest and will protect your tools and other items from the dirt and debris these little creatures can leave behind.

Ultimate Durability

Our custom garage cabinets are made from proprietary aluminum and heavy-duty one-inch melamine for ultimate durability that you can count on. Let’s be honest: in your garage, you need work and storage spaces that you can use without worry and that will look good even if you are using heavy-duty tools and materials. Our garage cabinets are made for those who desire cabinets that will withstand heavy use and abuse and still look fabulous. Ours do just that. In addition to aluminum and melamine construction, we build our cabinets with full backs, concealed Euro hinges, and PVC-edge banding. There is a reason why we are the Top Rated Local® Garage Cabinet specialists for Sacramento.

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It’s Always Custom

We understand that not all garages were created equal. For this reason, we always create a custom garage cabinet configuration that will fit your use and construction needs. Additionally, we always include a work bench or utility center with every configuration so that you can get the work surface and storage area that is the most efficient for whatever you wish to use your garage for.

Advance Garage would love to help you design the custom garage cabinets that will fit your garage and your lifestyle. Get an estimate on the Advanced Garage website!