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What Makes the Best Garage Cabinets?

Welcome back to the Advanced Garage blog! Your place to learn everything you need to know about garage cabinets, garage storage systems, and garage organization. Making your garage a usable space can feel difficult, especially if you don’t know the possibilities for your space. Your garage can feel like just the place you park your car or a storage space housing towers of boxes and spiders. However, your garage can be so much more — with custom garage cabinets!

Garage cabinets can add an exponential amount of increased storage space, can get rid of insects and other pests, and can make your garage a usable space. However, not all garage cabinets or garage storage systems were created equal. Today on our blog, we are going to tell you why Advance Garage has the best garage cabinets in the Sacramento area.

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Before we tell you why our cabinets are the best, it is important for you to understand why organizational items not meant for your garage will fail to deliver the results you need. Garage cabinets aren’t like the other cabinets in our house. They have to be stronger, more durable, and withstand a lot of use and abuse. Changes in temperature and other factors can be exceptionally hard on cabinets and other organizational items — like wood cabinets or plastic bins — that aren’t made to be in your garage. Because they aren’t made to be in your garage, they will also fail in terms of fitting properly in your garage and won’t deliver all other possible benefits of garage cabinets.


It’s easy for anyone to claim to have the best garage cabinets. However, it’s another thing to prove why our cabinets are the best.

Custom Design

The garage cabinets that we provide our clients are always custom. We create configurations that are meant for their garage instead of making their garage fit our cabinet options. What’s more, we offer a built-in workstation that you can customize to fit your needs. Whether you love to tinker with your custom car or you need a place to store your tools, our workstation will provide a usable workspace you will love.

High-Quality Materials

All of our garage cabinets are made from thermofused melamine and aluminum extrusions. As a result, our garage cabinets can withstand significant wear-and-tear and look good for years. Let’s be honest, garages in most homes aren’t places for items that you’re afraid will get broken or scratched. You need materials that can handle being banged into a few times and can hold heavy tools and other items often found in garages.

Thoughtful Configuration

One of the many benefits of custom garage cabinets is that they are created to your specifications and your needs. Enjoying fully customized garage cabinets means you also can enjoy a configuration that makes sense for your garage. When you solicit the expertise of Advanced Garage, we will work with you to understand what your garage cabinets need to do for you as well as how they will fit conveniently in your garage. You have the garage experts at your disposal when you work with Advanced Garage!

Offers Most Value

When you are looking for an affordable garage storage option, it can be easy to want to find the most affordable means of organization, i.e. cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins. However, “more affordable” doesn’t mean that you are getting the most value. Custom garage cabinets will offer the most value compared to many other options out there. You may also spend less money on custom cabinets in the long run: they will last longer and offer you other benefits that could have positive effects for your finances and time.

Superior Installation

Lastly, Advanced Garage follows through with garage cabinets that are installed well. Our cabinets aren’t just installed with high-quality craftsmanship; they are installed intentionally. We thought about everything when we designed our cabinets, including their installation. Our means of installation not only ensure the highest level of performance, but also work to eradicate pests from your garage and make it easy for you to clean your floor.

To learn more about Advanced Garage cabinets, get an estimate! Our garage storage experts would love to help you find garage cabinets that will serve your needs and allow you to create a garage that you will love to use.