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The Custom Organization You’ve Been Looking For

Our society thrives on being individuals and caters to our need to have things our way: our phones are called iPhones with multiple customization options; we frequent restaurants that allow us to build our burrito the way we want it, and many of us can dress the way we want — even at work. If we can personalize every other area of our lives, why can’t we enjoy customized organization in our homes?


When you’re looking for an easy way to organize everything you have, it’s easy to opt for the big plastic bins that come in the same basic four sizes. However, these bins, though helpful for organizing in some capacity, can’t give you organization that will really work for you. Plastic bins can work for those materials that you rarely need access to — not items that you use on a regular basis.


Are you wondering where the time goes? Are you running around, pulling-your-hair-out stressed? There are many contributing factors to our stress — some within our control and some that are not: you can’t control your boss’ decision to move up a deadline or when your appliances may break, but you can control your own space. With that being said, customized organization can be a great way to exert control over your space, and it will save you time and energy looking for needed items, or reorganizing your space yet again.

3 Spaces that Need Custom Organization

Any space that requires organization can be personalized and situated to work for you. However, there are three spaces that are “non-negotiables” when it comes to organizing a space to your needs: your garage, closet, and kitchen pantry.


We at Advanced Garage are passionate about customized garage organization. We see many garages in the Rancho Cordova and the greater Sacramento area being much like junk drawers: a place to throw all the things we don’t know what to do with or are too tired to put away. In many cases, the issue isn’t completely the homeowners fault — they just need a better way to store everything.


Whether you are a fashionista or a simple man with a big closet, if you don’t have organization in your closet, these spaces can quickly devolve into chaos — resembling Tornado Alley. An organized closet needs more than just a metal rod to hang clothes on. You need drawers, shelves, and other custom solutions.

Kitchen Pantry

Are you lucky enough to have a large pantry? Whether or not you would call your pantry “large,” you need custom organization in this space to keep your kitchen tools, raw ingredients, and your child’s cereal box collection orderly. Take control of this space through organization, and say “goodbye” to minutes searching for the items you need.


The custom organization experts at Advanced Garage have been working with clients in the Sacramento area for decades, helping them design and implement high-quality custom garage cabinets, slatwall, and overhead racks, as well as storage options for closets, and pantries. To see our work, and learn more about your options, visit our website!