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Organize Your Garage Easily With These Tips

Welcome back to the Advanced Garage blog! On our last blog post, we talked about why our garage cabinets are the best — out-performing other means of organization and cabinets on the market in the Sacramento area. Today, we want to keep talking about garage cabinets, and share tips for using our garage cabinets.

When you install custom cabinets in your garage, you will experience better organization and peace of mind that accompanies organization. With garage cabinets, you can’t help be organized. However, some means of organization are better than others and we want to share with you five tips for creating the best organizational system in your garage.

Infographic: Tips for optimal garage organization


An organized garage doesn’t just happen overnight — it takes time planning, organizing, refining, and determination to keep it orderly. With that being said, you may not create the best means of organization the first time you arrange your garage, but when you use these tips, you will, at the very least, get closer to creating an organization system that works best for you.

How Often You Need Them

We suggest placing items according to how often you need them. In other words, place seasonal items and those you use occasionally in harder to reach spots like top shelves, garage racks, and on top of your garage cabinets; place items you use a lot in easy-to-access cabinets and drawers.

Near Where You Use Them

To save you time, it is best to store items closest to the place you use them. For example, place tools in the cabinets closest to your workplace, and place bikes on slatwall closets to your garage door. By doing this, you will naturally organize like items together which can also help you know exactly where to look if you can’t remember where you put an item.

By Size Of Item

This point may seem a bit obvious, however, when in the thick of organizing, it can be easy to forget about the obvious. When organizing items, place larger items in larger cabinets and smaller items in smaller cabinets and on smaller shelves. If there is only a large shelf for a small item or you have a lot of small items, place these in bins on the large shelf.

What Is Best For You

It is easy to get caught up in organizing your garage “the right way”. However, each garage will be organized differently based on your own preferences and what makes the most sense for you. As you organize your garage, don’t forget to think about your routine and to allow yourself to deviate from the organization that everyone else does and create a system that saves you time and offers peace of mind.

Remember What Not To Keep In Your Garage

When organizing your garage, it’s important to consider what not to keep in your garage so you don’t spend time organizing items in your garage that have no business being there anyway. Items that should never be stored in your garage include:

  • Pet food – it can become stale and attract pests
  • Propane and other flammable liquids – an accident can send your home into flames
  • Paper goods – unless they are in a plastic bin, paper can attract pests
  • Paint – the extreme heat and cold in the garage can ruin paint easily
  • Refrigerator – because of the temperature extremes often experienced in the garage, it can cause your fridge to run extra hard, using more energy and decreasing its lifespan.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about organizing your garage and check our Advanced Garage’s custom garage cabinets, slatwall, overhead racks, and more on our website. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas!