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New Year, New Closet

We all have that one space in our house that we don’t know what to do with. It is crammed full, unorganized, possibly filled with things you don’t even remember you had. For some this is their garage. Others, it’s their kitchen cabinets, and for some it is their closet. Their closet has become a mess of clothes, keepsakes, and maybe even old laptops. You don’t have to live like this and now at the start of a new year, is the perfect time to hit the reset button.

Keep reading to learn more about resetting your space and be sure to check out Advanced Garage’s closet organization solutions. We offer effective and efficient, exact fit, high-quality closet organization. Visit our website to learn more!


Donate Clothes That Don’t Fit

We all have those jeans that we want to fit into again or that dress that we have been keeping around hoping we could squeeze into it again. We hate to break it to you, but it’s time to throw out that dress, that pair of jeans, and any other clothes that don’t fit. These things are simply taking up space — even if you can fit into them eventually, will you actually want to wear them? It’s time to fire all those clothes you don’t wear, to make space for your current wardrobe and organization.

Pro Tip: If you can’t bare to part with them, box them up and put them in storage. If you can’t forget about them, then keep them. If not, donate them.

Remove Clutter

Do you have laptops from college still laying around, stacks of unused, tangled hangers, and other clutter just hangin around your closet? It’s time to kick it to the curb! Your clothing closet is for clothes, shoes, and accessories — anything that you wear on a consistent basis. Anything else needs to be stored elsewhere.

Pro Tip: Sometimes our clothes that have fallen off hangers can be the clutter. Invest in slim, velvet covered hangers that will keep your clothes right where you left them.

Use Floor Space

It’s easy to think that everything has to be hung up, but the floor can provide valuable space that can help you organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Using organizational tools like drawers and racks, utilize the space between your floor and the clothing above. Many forget about the organizational opportunities that vertical space provides.

Pro Tip: When creating your organization system, think about what system would provide the most convenience and fit your getting-ready “flow” or movement.

Add Lighting

If you can’t see what’s in your closet, you are probably going to feel frustrated, not wear the clothes that you can’t find, and eventually your closet will devolve to some level of chaos. Add lighting and finally see everything you have in your closet. Install a light inside your closet or if yours doesn’t have enough room or it isn’t possible to install a permanent one, get a push light that operates on batteries.

Pro Tip: Install an LED light for energy efficiency!

Remember the Upper Shelf

The upper shelf can be a valuable place to keep accessories such as purses, bags, and other such accessories. You can even keep stacks of folded clothes there. It can also provide a space to store clothing items that you want readily available, but that you want to keep stored in its original box for protection.

Pro Tip: Invest in shelf dividers that will help keep stacks of clothes, floppy purses and other items from toppling over.

Hang a Mirror or Two

A mirror is not only useful to see yourself and your potential outfit, but it can also help your closet appear bigger. Hang the mirror on your closet door to fully utilize your closet space.

Pro Tip: Install your mirror so that you are able to see your full body conveniently.

Stay tuned to read part two of this blog series, and if you are ready to live frustration-free, organize your closet! Advance Garage offers custom closet solutions using the same quality of work that we provide when installing our garage cabinets. We can organize any space! Visit our website to learn more about us, our garage cabinets, closet systems, and how we can help you get organized.

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