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Got the Holiday Decoration Blues?

What puts you in a bad mood during the holidays? Is it the crowded malls and slew of bad drivers that seem to clog up the Sacramento area highways? Or is it the looming horror that your mother-in-law will be crossing the threshold of your home? No matter what is getting under your skin, it is beneficial to notice what annoying aspects of the holiday season you can control and those that you have to bear with a little extra patience.


The cranky fellow shopper who glared at you and the driver who cut you off on your way to encounter said shopper, are all aspects of the holiday season that you can’t control. However, there are ways to mitigate the frustration these stressors put on your life. One way to do that is to be a bit more organized.

The Holidays & Your Garage

You may love the holiday season and all the decorations that you get to display. However, the task of finding those decorations and getting out of storage may make even the most even-keeled person lose their mind. If you are tired of dealing with dusty, spider-filled boxes, tangles of Christmas lights, and searching for missing wrapping supplies, it may be time to utilize custom garage organization.

Is “Custom” Worth It?

As soon as some hear the word custom, they wince because they feel that the price tag of anything “custom” may far outweigh the actual benefit. However, there is a reason why we offer custom garage storage systems and cabinets: there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to garage organization. Whether it be the size, layout, or even the use of your garage, each person and each garage needs a customized solution.


A custom system can make a big difference any time of the year, but let’s talk about how garage cabinets can provide benefits during the holidays.

Everything Has Its Place

When everything has its place, as long as you put each item where it belongs, you can rest assured that you know where each thing is located when you need them. During the holidays this is crucial; you don’t have time to search the entire house for those decorations. Instead of throwing your decorations in a random box somewhere and hoping you will remember where you put them, put your decorations in a designated garage cabinet where you can find them.

Protected From Dust & Pests

Have your decorations been plagued by pests or ruined by dust? It is time to stop leaving your decorations to chance. By storing your decorations in cabinets or utilizing other garage storage systems, your holiday decorations are protected from the elements and pests that frequent your garage.\

Say Goodbye to Spaghettification

If you just throw all your decorations in a box, it is likely that you will spend some of your precious time untangling the garland from strings of twinkle lights which are also hooked on the last few ornaments that you threw in the same box. When everything has its place, you don’t have to waste time untangling Rubix cube-like tangles; you can spend more time decorating with your family — which is what the season is all about!

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Our custom garage cabinets and other storage systems can provide you the options that you need to eliminate the holiday frustration. We offer:

Custom Garage Cabinets

First of all, we offer custom garage cabinets. We can provide you a layout that is conducive to your needs. For example, if you spend most of your time in your garage tinkering on your car, we can build cabinets that can accommodate your tools. Is your garage more for storage than anything else? We can help you create a storage system that makes sense for those things you keep in your garage.

Overhead Racks

Overhead racks and cabinets used together are a powerful combination. Overhead racks work best for items that you don’t need to access on a consistent basis: holiday decorations, camping gear, coolers, and other similar items. Overhead racks are best utilized with large plastic sealed bins. We recommend clear bins so that you can see what is in each bin and an effective labeling system that allows you to know what is in each one without having to climb a ladder multiple times.


Slatwall is another tool for effective garage organization, especially when you need some flexibility. Through the use of hooks and other hardware, you can store your bikes on your wall during the summer for easy access and then bring down your extension cords and other holiday gear during the fall and winter.

If the frustration of accessing your holiday decorations has given you a case of the winter blues, it’s time to invest in better organization.


Advanced Garage offers a free estimate to help you get started toward a more organized space and a more zen holiday experience. You can also check out what we provide the Sacramento area at our showroom in El Dorado Hills. We have been offering the Sacramento area garage organization solutions for over 10 years. Whether you live in Folsom, Fair Oaks,or Rancho Cordova, we can provide you with what you need to eliminate your garage woes. Visit our website to learn more!