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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

With many of us in the Sacramento area spending more time at home than we have in the past, we have all become more aware of the projects that need to be done around the house. You may have even attempted to redecorate your home and reorganize. For the areas you’re most likely to organize or even upgrade during this time, your garage may not be at the top of the list. However, we think it should be not only for the value it could provide to you but also the value it could add to your home.

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Making your garage better than it has been or maybe ever was means more than sweeping it out and throwing away that box of broken Christmas decorations that have been sitting in the corner of the garage. It means upgrading your whole space.

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Increase Storage Space

You can increase the amount of storage in your garage by using organizational tools and garage storage systems such as garage cabinets, slat wall, and overhead racks. These means of storage allow you to use horizontal and vertical space in the best way possible to store your items. When you increase your storage options with permanent fixtures you are truly upgrading your garage and are able to get the most out of it.

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Enhance Energy Efficiency

Your garage can affect the overall energy efficiency of your home. First, you need to get rid of or place fridges in your garage in another place inside your home. Due to fluctuating temperatures, a fridge in your garage can use a lot of energy to maintain an even temperature. Additionally, consider finishing your garage with insulation and drywall and making sure it is sealed. Sealing your garage can also get rid of unwanted pests, too!

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Increase Security

It is also a great idea to increase the security of your garage. Improved security will allow you to rest easy knowing whatever you have stored in your garage is safe and to create an extra security barrier for your home. Increase security by installing locks on windows and doors: installing security cameras can be a great way to enhance the security in your garage, as well, and there are many home security systems that are easy to install and affordable. Think about the weak spots of your garage and how you could make sure they are more secure.

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Increase Functionality & Safety

While you are increasing your garage’s security you could also increase its functionality by installing more outlets, upgrading lighting, and even making sure your electrical system is up to code. If you are going to be using your garage, it can be helpful to have the means to plug in all the tools you need with enough outlets, and to see what you’re doing more clearly with better lighting. Pick lighting that will enhance your overall experience in your garage.

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Upgrade the Floor

It may seem odd to think about upgrading the floor of your garage. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider it. First, concrete naturally creates dust from wear — this is why your garage probably always feels a little dusty no matter how much you sweep. By sealing the concrete slab of your garage floor beneath an epoxy floor you can eliminate dust which means less mess and that you will no longer breathe in concrete dust. Also, an epoxy floor is easy-to-clean making spill stains a thing of the past. Enjoy a clean, essentially dust-free garage when you upgrade.

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Customize Your Space

While you’re upgrading your garage’s lighting, you can also consider other customizations like adding a workspace (Advanced Garage provides one with your custom cabinet configuration.), a bar, charging station, and other improvements. Ultimately, it’s about what would allow you to get the most out of your garage.

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Upgrade Garage Doors

Lastly, you can upgrade your garage doors. It’s easy to stick with the same old door that creaks every time you open it but it may be time to change it up. Choose a door that enhances the outdoor aesthetic of your home and may even provide some additional functionality such as windows for more light.

If you’re ready for a change, it’s time to get an estimate from Advanced Garage! We know how to upgrade your garage and can guide you through the process when you choose to install our garage cabinets, garage storage solutions, or a garage floor. Learn more on our website and get started!