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3 Reasons to Make Garage Organization A New Years Resolution

With the new year in sight, it’s that time of year to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. What are you wanting to do better with the coming year? Why do you want to do it better? Is it to lose weight, save time, save money, or make you happier? Depending on the changes you need to make, getting those results could happen a few different ways. However, there is one solution that could give anyone the same results and that is custom garage cabinets.

Today, on the Advanced Garage blog, we are going to talk about just how cabinets and other garage storage systems could positively benefit your life. If you want to find out more about our custom garage cabinets, visit our website. There you can learn why so many in the Sacramento area choose us when they are looking for organization solutions and where you can see our garage cabinets in person. Visit our website today!


When most people think about the things they wish they had more of, they usually wish for more money, time, and to be happier. Today, we’re going to share with you just how we can help you make your wishes come true.

Save Time

We all are busy enough without having to spend extra time searching for items that you know we have, but simply can’t find. It’s time to make wasted time a thing of the past.

Christmas Time Woes

How do cabinets and other means of garage organization help you save time? Imagine that you need to decorate the house for the holidays. You may be dragging your feet a little anyway because you know how frustrating untangling all those strings of lights is going to be. As you begin to search the garage, attic, or basement, you realize that you have no idea where you put most of your decorations. Weeks later you still can’t find them, your wife is mad at you because you lost her favorite Christmas wreath, and you didn’t get to decorate your home as much as you would have liked.

Everyday Chaos

If you are like many, you may not have to wait till the holidays for your garage to completely stress you out. It could be that you experience the frustration of a disorganized garage nearly everyday when you can’t find trash bags, car maintenance tools, and other necessities.


In both scenarios, custom garage storage solutions would have significantly saved you time. How so? You wouldn’t have to spend extra time searching for what you have lost. By having a place for everything you can spend a fraction of the time on the task at hand. Allowing you to finish the job fast and have more time to work on other chores or hobbies.

Save Money

How could custom garage cabinets save you money? You’re probably thinking, that you would have to invest a significant amount of money installing garage cabinets. However, when we think about the above scenarios, the benefits can far out weight the initial cost — and may actually save you money in the long run.

Christmas Time Expenses

Because you couldn’t find your wife’s favorite wreath, you offer to buy her another one, costing you money that you could have spend on something else. Additionally, because you couldn’t find those other Christmas decorations, you buy new decorations. Imagine this happening year after year — think about the cost and possibly the clutter. If you would have just invested in practical organization for your garage, how much more money would have in your pocket?

Everyday Pocket Change

Not only do you lose time when you have to search for those items that you use daily, but you also lose money. In the same way that you buy new Christmas decorations each year, you may also have to buy new trash bags, tools, and other necessities. A new box of trash bags might not seem like a lot of money, but after buying more and more trash bags, the cost begins to add up.


When you can find everything that you need because of effective garage organization, you no longer have to spend more money than needed. When your things are stored and organized, they are protected from dust, bugs, pests, and other things that put wear and tear on tools and other items that are stored in the garage. As a result, you no longer have to replace those items quite as often, saving you even more money.

Be Happier

Once you have more money in your pocket and more time, it is only natural that you would feel happier. Additionally, you will feel happier because, as a result of organization, you will no longer feel:

  • Frustrated when you can’t find your things
  • Stressed when you can’t afford to buy a replacement
  • Irritated that your garage is a mess and that you can’t find anything

Without these negative feelings you have will feel happier, more content, and at peace. The world is chaotic enough without us making life harder for ourselves when we don’t organize our garages. Also, in many cases, the negative feelings as well as the amount of time wasted due to disorganization can impact every other area of our lives such as our health, goals, career, and family life.

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